Book Reviews: John Grisham

SYCAMORE ROW by John Grisham.

I've never, ever read a Grisham novel. No particular reason why except the plots were not something that interested me. Until I read the publisher's summary of this novel. I added this to my very long list of books I want to read and there it has sat. But recently, in between book club selections, I picked this up and decided I'd give it a try.

I really liked it! Even though it was over 600 pages long it read very quickly. It grabbed my attention from the get go and I found that I wanted to keep reading even after I put it down for the day. My most favorite part of Grisham's writing is his characters. I very much enjoyed them and felt their unique personalities came off the page. Even though this is connected to his previous novel, A TIME TO KILL, I found I didn't need to have read that to understand the backstory that Grisham uses to explain relationships and motivations in this story. The author provides enough of the history from that novel so the reader doesn't feel left out. The only aspect of the writing that I felt was weak was the reason why Seth Hubbard did what he did. I figured this out/guessed pretty early on. But even knowing that I didn't really know how the court case was going to work out until it did. 

Will I go back and read something else he wrote? Probably not. But I have no hesitation in telling people that I did read this and I recommend it.