In the beginning

In the beginning there was a woman, a lap top, and many ideas running around said woman's brain. This, I thought, was all that I needed to launch a career as a writer. It turns out that I was wrong. 

When I decide to do something new I like to research. I want to know what it is I don't know. And honestly, I like to research. I like learning. This is definitely one of those times I'm very grateful that I did my research. I had no idea what else was involved in establishing a career as a writer. Oh I knew after I corralled an idea and got it down on paper I still needed to draft a query letter, create a list of literary agent names and/or publications to submit my pieces too, find a lucky penny, and wish on a shooting star. I didn't realize that I should have a web site, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and blog to help promote my writing. 

I was pretty bewildered and overwhelmed. After all, at this point in time, I'm trying to find the time to write and be brave enough to send it out there. Now I have to add creating these various social networking accounts and come up with content…….and let's not forget maintaining/updating said accounts. What the heck?! I have bookmarked the web sites of some of my favorite authors where I can read their blog posts. I knew they used Facebook and had Twitter accounts. I assumed they did all of this AFTER they became best selling writers. And maybe some of them did; especially if the advent of these social media outlets occurred after they had established their successful careers. 

So after more researching (read: hemming and hawing) I reached out and asked a question on the writer's web site, She Press, where I am a member. When do I create these very public presences? The response I got was it was my preference. Depends on my comfort level and how aggressive I want to be. Okay, I like that this is something I can control. I don't have to go crazy and establish a whole universe. So after more researching (now read: delay tactic) I have chosen to use a web site with a blog and Twitter. 

If you are reading this blog, congratulations! You found my web site…..or more realistically I told you were to find it! Feel free to bookmark it in your browser to check back and see how I am doing. And, if you are a Twitter user as I am now, feel free to follow me there too: @lynnmandrews.