Books I Have Loved 2017

Part of my getting back on the horse, so to speak, involves updating my website and Twitter to reflect more current information. Much to my chagrin, when I looked at the Book page of my website I saw it has been 14 months (!) since I updated that page to reflect novels I recommend. So please go check that page out - the fact that I can recall the plot for each one, after all the hubbub of this past year, speaks volumes :)

Here are a few thoughts on each one.......

The Memory Box - I found the protaganist to be so twisted! If you like twisty female lead characters, here you go!

We Never Asked for Wings - the characters and story line represent a situation and ethnic group not often written about. Was really rooting for this family. 

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk - just loved the story line and the fact that the plot was set against a piece of history I was only peripherally aware about.

The Garden of Small Beginnings - picked this up on a whim and could not put it down. The premise of the story is sad but heartwarming. It's an excellent example of people not being who they appear to be.

And as for Faithful, The Rules of Magic and The Night the Lights Went Out, well, I'm a hardcore Alice Hoffman and Karen White fan so anything they write will always be on my list! :)