Late Summer Update

I've been w-a-y negligent in updating this site. I could wax on and on about kid wrangling, house projects, vacations and activities planned and not. All of which are very real distractions for anyone trying to get anything done that is not related to said list. 

So here's what's been going on. 

First, that query letter went no where. That's okay. For me, just the act of writing one and sending it out was a big step. However I would really like to know what was the weakness: the letter or the topic or the proposed author. 

The freelance work went well! I enjoyed getting out to meet the client. I had forgotten how fulfilling it is to accomplish tasks that are not domestic related. My client was appreciative of the work and we discussed future projects. 

But here is what has really been consuming my time and brain power - I'm writing. I mean seriously writing. I hired a writing coach and created a four month timeline in order to get my project done. This is a piece of writing, a memoir, that I started four years ago and pecked away at here and there. I took a writing workshop in the spring; I had to pick one project to commit to. I have all these ideas and barely started stories but when I opened my mouth it was the memoir I made the promise to pursue. For some reason this story, my story, was the one begging the loudest to be written. As of this post I have the draft of the personal narrative done; I'm on to research now. I have an idea about how the book will be structured and plan on initially querying with agents. My goal is to have a complete first draft done by the end of September. To do this I find I'm lugging my lap tap around as I sit and wait for my car to be serviced, younger daughter to finish swim practices and get braces installed (again). 

I have to say, it feels like a HUGE accomplishment just to finish the personal narrative. Like I'm ridiculous excited. As I told my writing coach when I reported in, I can't imagine what I'll feel when the whole draft is done. 😁