Project update with a request for help

In my last blog post I talked about how I finally took a leap of faith and made a serious investment in my writing by hiring a writing coach. I reported that I had finished my own narrative and was on to research. Well, the research is largely done - I say largely because I suspect I will have holes to fill in.  I’ve begun working on restructuring my narrative into the more traditional chapter format. 

I’m happy to say that the project overall is getting there. I didn’t make my end of September deadline but that’s okay. Right now I have the luxury of being the driver of my own timeline. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, there is one piece of it that I am going to need help with so hence this blog post. 

My project is about my experience with postpartum depression. When I had my son four and a half years ago I struggled tremendously with this. I didn’t have this illness when I had my daughters and the development of it when I had my son really should not have been too much of a surprise considering the circumstances at that time. I cannot begin to describe how painful this period of time was for me. I missed so much of my son as a baby. I passed by opportunities to create family memories. My behavior created an unstable home environment for my children and husband. 

I know there have been books published by other mother’s who have struggled with this mental illness. What I believe sets my story apart from these experiences is that I was also depressed during my pregnancy. Pretty much from the moment the pregnancy test showed two lines I began to spiral down into a sad and hostile place. Depression during pregnancy is called antepartum depression and is something that has barely been talked about. In February NPR reported on this study done by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force which discusses their recommendation to medical professionals regarding better screening for this along with postpartum depression. Here is a link to that article.

When I read this article I knew I had something to say, a story to share. And while I had many other stories begging for me to tell them, this is the one that was pleading the loudest to me. So I’m just following my gut and choosing this to be the cornerstone of what I’m hoping is a long prosperous writing career.

But as I said earlier I need some help. I would love to talk with other mothers who struggled with depression either during their pregnancy, after, or through both phases like me. I’m looking to include their stories to compliment my own and/or highlight some of the lesser talked about aspects of pregnancy related depression. 

If you are someone who’d be willing to share their experience or know someone who might please contact me. You can either do this by leaving a message for me in the comments section below or reaching out to me directly at All communications will be kept confidential.