I didn't get it but I got it

On Monday I checked on the status of the very short piece of fiction I submitted to Glimmertrain. Unfortunately, my piece was not selected. I waited for the sense of disappointment to come. And I waited. And I waited. Now it is five days later and I have to say I still don't feel bummed. Where is my sense of indignation? The tears of defeat? What do they mean they don't want me?! 

I'm a bit surprised at myself. But pleased. I take this to mean that I not only understand but accept that writing takes perseverance and time. There are lots of other publications for me to submit the piece to for consideration. And I have another short story done and in the review process. I also finished an essay on my experience with post partum depression that I hope to submit for consideration in an anthology being developed about women who have struggled with this issue. And lets not forget the various story ideas hanging around inside my brain.

So onward I go!