I am a freelance writer who has decided it's now or never. It's time to pursue my most personal goal -  to write.

To write for people and organizations who struggle to write that blog post, newsletter or feature article, website update. Who have read and re-read their writing until they are cross-eyed and would like someone else to read it.

To write for me the characters and stories that have been poking, hopping up and down, demanding my attention inside my already very full head.


As a young girl I would spin whole worlds in my head. I would lay in bed at night and create plot lines, characters, and settings before falling asleep. After I graduated from college, I began to write. But as I got busy creating my adult life the worlds and characters grew quiet. One of the courses I took while pursuing my Master's degree in Teaching was an independent study in writing. I wrote a few pieces and my professor encouraged me to submit one in particular for publication. I never did and I regret it.

 A few years ago, after the birth of our third child, I made the choice to stay home and as time has gone on I find myself more and more drawn to writing. The characters and stories began to whisper; some of them were old friends from years ago and others newly made ones. Mixed into these nudging, people would ask me to read their writing. Pleased with my feedback, they told me I should think about writing for a living

As a mother of two daughters I am sensitive to the fact that they watch how I handle myself and go about doing things. I expect them to chase their interests and it's my responsibility to show them that not only do I still have my own passions but also not be afraid (even if we are!) and go for it. So here I go……


I am a former upstate NYer and who migrated to South Carolina. I've been married forever and a mile. Two daughters, a son and a cat and dog round out my busy home. I have a B.A. in English and a Masters in Teaching. I taught high school English at an alternative education school for troubled adolescent girls. Prior to my teaching career I worked as a Project Manager and Manager of Software Installation for the NE for a national medical software company. In my spare time (and I say this while laughing hysterically) I like to read, crochet, take long walks, and pretend to garden.